I honour Jim Carrey for having the courage to live a life that chooses to give expression to who he is, no matter what. Imagine if we could all let go of caring about what others thought of us. How would we live our lives differently? How much freedom would we experience?I had watched a recording of a talk which Jim gave, maybe a year ago, and I resonated with it deeply. I had previously not known much about his life, except for the movies I had seen him in. And I felt such a ‘sameness’, of the journey both our lives had taken.

And even though it’s taken me a while, I am finally allowing myself to release my concern of – ‘the good opinion of others’. I am learning that there is so much freedom, in giving myself permission to fully be me. It’s not worth shutting myself in a box, just because someone else ‘might’ not like it.

There is ‘life’, in expressing ‘self’. This is what we were created to do. We tend to live life, dimming the switch on our truest expression. We hold back, either because we don’t believe – that which we have expressed is good enough, or we are too concerned with what others will think of our expression.

I’ve lived most of my life hiding my expression, because others told me it was inappropriate or wrong. And I chose to believe it, and IT HAS SUCKED, Big time! Why do we place so much importance on what others think, when ‘we’ are the ones suffering from our own lack of expression?

I used to wait till I thought something was perfect before I shared it with anyone. And consequently I really wasn’t sharing very much of myself with anyone. WE ARE BORN TO EXPRESS our unique perspective of this life. When we don’t, not only do we suffer, but the world is a slightly dimmer place, because we have chosen to hide ourselves.

Imagine if Jim had chosen to not express his unique craziness to the world! His unique life perspective. Life would most definitely be dimmer. We ALL have greatness within. We all have our own unique expression. And when we aren’t letting it out, we die. Maybe not physically, but slowly our light, and aliveness leaves us.
In order to truly be alive, we MUST EXPRESS! So please, let’s stop giving a crap about whether it’s perfect or not. And just let it out into the world.

I had to let this painting go, before it was finished. I entered it into an art competition for this weekend, but ran out of time to finish it up to my usual standard. In the past I would never have entered it, unless it was complete in my eyes. But I’ve dropped it off to the gallery now. I am learning that life is not about ‘perfection’, but ‘expression’. I’m learning to fully embrace, that this is just another expression of me, and not concern myself with the response of others. It’s a step for ‘me’ to take, regardless of others.

Choose to allow your personal perspective out! Let it shine. You are brightening the world. Even if you don’t see a response from anyone around you, ‘know’ that you are ‘creating’, from your unique perspective. And that’s where your power is. The point is the expression! That’s where the life flows from.