Hanna has the most incredible ability to bring her art subjects to life!

After watching a video of Hanna painting Hitchcock my husband and I were struck at how magnificent he was. We bought sight unseen (other than a few pics).

When he arrived a few days later all I can say was we were not disappointed. Hannas perfectly perfect line imperfection and drops of colour brought character to this piece. Drawing out Hitchcock’s character and giving him presence.

He is very much a talking piece with our guests. The ability to bring a character to life through art is a fascinating and gifted skill.

Hannas works will not disappoint!

Lisa Leckey-Malone

Recently I commissioned Hanna to create an art work based on a photograph which I had great connection to. Hanna interpreted the image in her unique style to create an amazing piece of art which has become the centrepiece for our home. Thank you Hanna for an amazing experience. We are honoured to have your art in our home.


Jodi xxxx

Hanna’s Art Work is spectacular.

I really love the way Hanna can express the emotion of the person he is painting.

I am very happy with the paintings I purchased.

I would highly recommend Hanna’s Art Work.


Hanna is amazing at what she does!

She listened to me as a client and translated my request into a painting, with added personal touches.

Her portrait painting is probably one of the most commented on pieces in my home.

Sheron Denoon

A few years ago I commissioned Hanna to produce a piece of art for my evening wear boutique.

I needed something to give my showroom a hint of an earlier, more sophisticated era and an original piece of art by a new local artist seemed to fit the bill.

However commissioning a piece of art, my first, was more than a little daunting and I will be the first to admit I was concerned that the piece produced might not fit the room, or the branding and style of the boutique. But I was wrong to worry because Hanna was a pleasure to work with. We spoke at length and she incorporated my ideas and requirements throughout her whole process. The result was an impressive canvas. A deceptively simple, but evocative figure of a girl in a long gown that could have graced the cover of a vintage edition of Vogue.

It was exactly what I was after, and is a truly lovely painting that I was proud to hang prominently behind my main counter in the shop.

I no longer own the boutique, but I most definitely still own Hanna’s painting. It now hangs at the end of my hall, a location where it seems equally at home, and where I can admire it every time I pass.

Elle Hopwood

“One of Hanna Kael’s quite large paintings is hanging in my study in Finland. The atmospheric wintery gum trees of the Australian Snowy Mountains is finely completed and reminds me of the  variation of the Australian nature. I am also greatly impressed by her other works in Australia.”

 – Seppo J Papunen,

freelance writer/former graphic designer.