About Me




Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Manifesto for Kwerki Mii

What does Kwerki Mii stand for?

‘Connect with your greatness, and express it fully’.

Our purpose for existing is to give our uniqueness a voice. We are here to express who we are, in spirit mind and body. So often we are taught to hide our true selves. From a young age, most of us were told that we needed to behave a certain way in order to fit in. Our parents may not have seen or acknowledged our gifts or passion, so our God given talents were shoved somewhere deep inside, until as adults we didn’t even know how to find them.

We may have been called weird for being our authentic selves, and disconnected from who we truly are, and from that place of disconnect we couldn’t access our gifts or greatness. The countless times I’ve heard adults say that they don’t have any special skills is remarkable, and I know that was what I believed about myself for most of my life. It wasn’t until I started connecting more with my authentic self that I started remembering what it was that I was passionate about.

The more I express that passion in the world, the more my talents and passions grow, and the more authentic I become. It’s in the expression of who we are that our gift becomes alive and we are able to impact the world with our unique light.

What do I want to achieve with Kwerki Mii?
To help others reconnect and discover their true self and then encourage them to express this to the world fully without filters.

What Inspires Me?
I am most inspired by people who are comfortable in their own skin, those who have accepted themselves, quirkiness and all, and are living this unashamedly and unapologetically in this life.  We all have such uniqueness that nobody else possesses and when we aren’t expressing that, not only do we suffer immensely but the world is also a less brighter place without our unique light.

What do we want our community to feel?
That they are in a safe place, that wants to nurture and encourage their uniqueness.  We want to offer you insight into your greatness and give you permission (that you may not have been given) to unleash that into the world. My hope is that you choose to daily give yourself the permission to shine, and allow the whole of you to live this incredible gift of life.

If you have found these words, my desire is that you will be inspired to follow your heart and your greatest joy, to create the life you desire and deserve.

Yours in joy and creativity,

Hanna 😊